shout out to how much I love Moda fabric


shout out to how much I love Moda fabric


cock knuckles is genuinely just so pleasant sounding

just the right about of ‘k’ sounds and really sort of round and hard sounding but small too, like really dense and cold

i really like it!


this was my fav movie for so long. i still love it so hard.



oh no the weather man just stuffed up twice then got embarrassed then they cut him off I am going to cry

NO he was just on again and opened with “hi everyone, wondering what you should wear tomorrow? Well wear… anything to do with sun… i guess” this is the saddest man in the world

i must find him


a man of many achievements

Ode to Cute Boy who works at my Local Historic Theatre


Roses are red
Violets are blue
I really like your face
How many foreign films do I have to see before you love me?

Eels - I Need Some Sleep
40 plays


a reminder that the first two Shrek films a) were really good and b) had BRILLANT soundtracks

Imagine there’s no octopi


it’s easy if you try.



wow imagine like doing something that was like a collab channel on youtube in the sense there was five people but instead it was a blog and there was a theme each week and each person on the blog had to draw something on their respective day to do with that theme

i mean i’m sure it has been done before but i really like the idea it would be great and would force people to draw a lot and would be wonderful please do this with MEEEEEEEEEEE if you draw


i’ll love you


Kate Bush in Wuthering Heights  |l|l|  Noel Fielding as Kate Bush for Comic Relief

I laughed for about an hour when I finally got to see his performance.

god. so good.